Dr. David Keir

South West Rocks

Area I Serve

Looking for a Good Dentist in South West Rocks?

South West Rocks is the home of my dental practice South West Rocks Family Dental and patients from the immediate area make up most of those I care for. While I’m new to South West Rocks, I’ve been serving the mid north coast for over 5 years and I’m grateful to have found my dental home. 

Dentists in South West Rocks?

You will find a handful of practices in the South West Rocks and Kempsey region, and while we strongly believe a good clinician is worth travelling for, we’re proud to believe the patients of South West Rocks do not have far to go. 

Why choose Dr David Keir as your new dentist

We all look for certain things in a medical professional such as honesty, integrity, knowledge and skill. Dr David has these in abundance but finding someone that actually listens, truly cares and does everything they can to put you at ease and ensure you receive the best treatment possible is where he really stands out. Within seconds of meeting him, his passionate and enthusiastic nature will leave confident you have made a good choice.  His passion for understanding his patients and using technologically advanced equipment help him diagnose more complex problems and plan accurately more advanced treatments such as those involving dental implants or Invisalign.